MLB: Top 3 Players at Each Position


Relief Pitchers

3. Sean Doolittle – Oakland Athletics


2014 Season Stats:

2.73 22 89 0.73




Control: 90/100

Strikeout-Ability: 88/100

Clutch Factor: 95/100

Hit-Ability: 85/100


Award History: 

All Star (’14)


Overall Ranking: 90/100

Sean Doolittle had a breakout year of sorts for the AL Wild Card winning Oakland Athletics. He was one of the most dominant relievers in the AL overall, and should absolutely continue this trend in 2015. He has a great swing and miss capability with his pitches and overall is one of the major reasons the Athletics had the season they had (Despite a massive offensive dropoff, causing a massive season collapse overall.) He will again prove to be one of the MLB’s best relief pitchers in 2015.


2. Craig Kimbrel – Atlanta Braves

MLB: Cleveland Indians at Atlanta Braves

2014 Season Stats:

1.61 47 95 0.91




Control: 85/100

Strikeout-Ability: 92/100

Clutch Factor: 95/100

Hit-Ability: 95/100


Award History: 

4x All Star (’11, ’12, ’13, ’14)

NL Rookie of the Year (’11)

NL Rolaids Relief Man of the Year (’12)

MLB Delivery Man of the Year (’13)

Trevor Hoffman Award (’14)

4x NL Saves Champion


Overall Ranking: 94/100

Kimbrel was arguably by far the NL’s best reliever, and despite his control being iffy and his BB rate increasing overall, he again was beyond dominant in 2014. Nothing less should be expected of one of the best closers and relief pitchers in baseball in 2015. Kimbrel has an extremely high swing and miss ability, and should continue that with an improved all-around Braves team. Kimbrel could and will shine in 2015 yet again.


1. Greg Holland – Kansas City Royals


2014 Season Stats:

1.44 46 90 0.91




Control: 90/100

Strikeout-Ability: 95/100

Clutch Factor: 92/100

Hit-Ability: 92/100

Award History:

2x All Star (’13, ’14)

Mariano Rivera Award (’14)


Overall Ranking: 95/100

Greg Holland once again had another all-around dominant year for the Royals, and in the process, the dynamic trio of Kelvin Herrera, Wade Davis, and of course Greg Holland led an unforeseen Cinderella-like run for the Kansas City Royals to the World Series. He is the key piece in the cog of a dominant bullpen, and was absolutely the best reliever in 2014. Look for him to yet again be key in the Royals success, and to again have a dominant year for a quality Royals team.

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