MLB: Top 3 Players at Each Position


Starting Pitchers

3. Felix Hernandez – Seattle Mariners


2014 Season Stats:

2.14 15-6 248 0.92




Control: 94/100

Strikeout-Ability: 97/100

Clutch Factor: 92/100

Hit-Ability: 88/100


Award History:

5x All Star (’09, ’11, ’12, ’13, ’14)

AL Co-Win Leader (’09)

2x AL ERA Leader (’10, ’14)

AL Cy Young Award (’10)

Overall Ranking: 94/100

Frankly, if there was not such great pitchers in today’s game, Felix could very well be the best pitcher in the MLB, and in some case, you can absolutely make a case for it all the same. “King Felix” Hernandez, yet again dominated overall again. The King of overall dominance and consistency himself, should yet again have another Cy-Young consideration worthy season in 2015, and anything less will be a sheer disappointment.


2. Corey Kluber – Cleveland Indians


2014 Season Stats:

2.44 18-9 269 1.09




Control: 94/100

Strikeout-Ability: 98/100

Clutch Factor: 95/100

Hit-Ability: 90/100


Award History:

AL Cy Young Award (’14)

AL Wins Champion (’14)


Overall Ranking: 96/100

Was this truly a rise to greatness for Kluber? Or was it a one year thing? Kluber cannot really go much up, considering he put up some unbelievable numbers as the ace of a young Cleveland Indians pitching staff en route to the 2014 AL Cy Young Award. Kluber has an unwavering confidence that truly is unseen in the majority of pitchers in the MLB (So much so that he earned the nickname “Klubot” by fans), and a truly dominant array of pitches overall. Kluber should definitely be one of the top pitchers in baseball again in 2015, and could and should very well kick off where he left off last season overall.


1. Clayton Kershaw – Los Angeles Dodgers


2014 Season Stats:

1.77 21-3 239 0.86




Control: 98/100

Strikeout-Ability: 98/100

Clutch Factor: 94/100

Hit-Ability: 95/100


Award History:

NL MVP (’14)

3x NL Cy Young Award (’11, ’13, ’14)

4x All Star (’11, ’12, ’13, ’14)

Triple Crown (’11)

Gold Glove Award (’11)

Roberto Clemente Award (’12)

2x NL Wins Champion (’11, ’14)

4x MLB ERA Champion (’11, ’12, ’13, ’14)

2x NL Strikeout Champion (’11, ’13)

Overall Ranking: 99/100

Want to hear something unbelievable? Kershaw missed 6 starts due to injury, and still won 21 games and the Cy Young Award. Kershaw’s all around dominance is frankly amazing. Another scary thing for you all to realize is the fact that Kershaw is only 26 years old, and he’s already a 3x Cy Young Award Winner! Kershaw is undoubtedly the best pitcher in the game, and there is frankly no denying this overall. Kershaw will absolutely have the same level of dominance in 2015, and anything less would be nothing short of a sheer disappointment overall.

 -Tyler Meitin

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