MLB: Top 3 Players at Each Position



3. Yan Gomes – Cleveland Indians

Yan Gomes


2014 Season Stats:

.278 21 74 .313




Hitting: 75/100

Power: 75/100

Plate Discipline: 55/100

Baserunning: 0/100

Fielding: 85/100

Health: 95/100

Team Impact: 85/100


Award History:

2014 AL C Silver Slugger


Overall Ranking: 84/100

Gomes could very well emerge as much more than just the third best catcher, but his all around potential, ceiling, and ability is unquestionable. He was a finalist for the AL C Gold Glove (Won by Salvador Perez), and the winner of the 2014 AL C Silver Slugger. The scary part is that this was his first full season in the MLB as a starter, and he did not disappoint. Gomes could very well be the best catcher in the game in a few years, if not as soon as this upcoming year.



2. Yadier Molina – St. Louis Cardinals

World Series - Boston Red Sox v St Louis Cardinals - Game Three


2014 Season Stats:

.282 7 38 .333





Hitting: 80/100

Power: 65/100

Plate Discipline: 70/100

Baserunning: 0/100

Fielding: 95/100

Health: 85/100

Team Impact: 95/100


Award History:

2x World Series Champion (’06, ’11)

6x MLB All Star (’09-’14)

7x NL C Gold Glove Award (’08-’14)

3x NL Platinum Glove Award (’11, ’12, ’14)

6x Fielding Bible Award (’07-’10, ’12-’13)

NL Silver Slugger (’13)


Overall Ranking: 88/100

As a collective whole, injuries held back Yadier Molina from being the normal great catcher that he is. Molina is an excellent defender, as evidence of his 7 Gold Glove Awards. He is also an excellent hitter, as he won the NL C Silver Slugger in 2013. Molina, when healthy, you can argue is the best catcher in baseball. Molina should take a tad step back due to age (Age 32, entering his 11th season in the MLB), but will still absolutely be one of the best, if not the best, catcher in baseball.



1. Buster Posey – San Francisco Giants



2014 Season Stats:

.311 22 89 .364




Hitting: 85/100

Power: 85/100

Plate Discipline: 80/100

Baserunning: 0/100

Fielding: 75/100

Health: 80/100

Team Impact: 90/100


Award History:

3x World Series Champion (’10, ’12, ’14)

NL MVP (’12)

2x MLB All Star (’12, ’13)

NL Batting Champion (’12)

NL Hank Aaron Award (’12)

2x NL C Silver Slugger (’12, ’14)

NL Comeback Player of the Year Award (’12)

Willie Mack Award (’12)

NL Rookie of the Year (’10)


Overall Ranking: 90/100

Is this a reaction to yet another strong postseason for a man many claim to be the next potential candidate to replace Jeter’s “Mr. October” title? Perhaps. Yet, regardless, it seems like every year Buster Posey is capable of absolutely dominating the league. 2015 should be no different. He is one of the best all around hitters in baseball, and he should indeed again prove that in the 2015 season.

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