MLB: Top 3 Players at Each Position


First Baseman

3. Freddie Freeman – Atlanta Braves


2014 Season Stats:

.288 18 78 .386




Hitting: 75/100

Power: 80/100

Plate Discipline: 60/100

Baserunning: 10/100

Fielding: 85/100

Health: 90/100

Team Impact: 85/100


Award History: 

2x All Star (’13, ’14)


Overall Ranking:  85/100

Freeman broke out in the 2013 and had an all-around monster year for the 2013 NL East Champion Atlanta Braves. He was signed to a monster contract in that offseason (8 years, $135 Million), and then had a bit of a dip off in the 2014 season. It may be a stretch to put Freeman here, as his numbers did take a dip. Yet he is still a very good all around player, and his numbers should improve, if not return to his 2013 numbers. Freeman at 3 may very well be a stretch, but he is still only 25 years old and has an exceptionally high ceiling overall.



2. Paul Goldschmidt- Arizona Diamondbacks



2014 Season Stats:

.300 19 69 .396




Hitting: 85/100

Power: 85/100

Plate Discipline: 80/100

Baserunning: 55/100

Fielding: 85/100

Health: 85/100

Team Impact: 95/100


Award History: 

2x All Star (’13, ’14)

NL Hank Aaron Award (’13)

NL Home Run Co-Leader (’13)

NL RBI Leader (’13)

NL Gold Glove Award (’13)

NL Silver Slugger Award (’13)


Overall Ranking: 92/100

Make no mistake, Paul Goldschmidt absolutely has a beyond legitimate case to the claim as MLB’s best all around 1st baseman. He is an elite talent and while injuries derailed his 2014 season, he still put up great numbers. To put it simply, the numbers he had in 2014 were average numbers for him. Goldschmidt is an extremely solid defensive first baseman, and one of the best in the game. Goldschmidt is a star, and will continue to show that (As the rest of his Diamondbacks team around him improves as well.) for many years to come.


1. Miguel Cabrera – Detroit Tigers

Detroit Tigers batter Miguel Cabrera watches the ball as he hits a two-run, two-strike, two-out, home run to tie the game in New York


2014 Season Stats:

.313 25 109 .371




Hitting: 95/100

Power: 95/100

Plate Discipline: 90/100

Baserunning: 2.5/100

Fielding: 80/100

Health: 85/100

Team Impact: 100/100


Award History:

9x All Star (’04-’07, ’10-’14)

World Series Champion (’03)

2x AL MVP (’12, ’13)

AL Triple Crown (’12)

5x Silver Slugger Award (’05, ’06, ’10, ’12, ’13)

2x AL Hank Aaron Award (’12, ’13)

3x AL Batting Champion (’11, ’12, ’13)

2x AL Doubles Champion (’11, ’14)

2x AL Home Run Champion (’08, ’12)

2x AL RBI Champion (’10, ’12)


Overall Ranking: 98/100

I hate saying this as a diehard Indians fan, but Miguel Cabrera is the best hitter in baseball and you can absolutely make a case for him being the best player in the game today. The way he can hit the ball are just honestly unbelievable. Injuries derailed a promising 2014 season, and he still put up monster numbers. While hitters like Goldschmidt, Freeman (Among others such as Joey Votto) are on the rise and great talents. Cabrera will continue to dominate for several more years, and an almost un-doubt-able Hall of Fame berth will come to fruition with Cabrera.

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