MLB: Top 3 Players at Each Position


Second Baseman

3. Ian Kinsler – Detroit Tigers


2014 Season Stats:

.275 17 92 .307




Hitting: 85/100

Power: 80/100

Plate Discipline: 75/100

Baserunning: 65/100

Fielding: 85/100

Health: 85/100

Team Impact: 80/100


Award History: 

4x All Star (’08, ’10, ’12, ’14)

2x “30-30 Club” (’09, ’11)

Wilson Defensive Player of the Year Award (’14)


Overall Ranking: 86/100

Ian Kinsler was acquired in Detroit’s trade with the Texas Rangers for Prince Fielder. Kinsler was nothing short of great. He proved to be an elite second basemen with all around talent. The trade looked like the steal of the century for the Tigers (At the very least for the 2014 season), and Kinsler was great the entire season. The Tigers as a whole should expect similar production from their All-Star Second Baseman.


2. Jose Altuve – Houston Astros


2014 Season Stats:

.341 7 59 .377




Hitting: 95/100

Power: 55/100

Plate Discipline: 80/100

Baserunning: 90/100

Fielding: 85/100

Health: 90/100

Team Impact: 90/100


Award History: 

2x All Star (’12, ’14)

Silver Slugger Award (’14)

AL Batting Champion (’14)

AL Stolen Bases Champion (’14)


Overall Ranking: 88/100

Jose Altuve was an absolute stud in 2014, there is just no getting around that. A part of me truly wanted to put him #1, and you can absolutely provide a legitimate and justified case for just that. He was one of the major reasons, if not the biggest reason the Astros were even competitive in 2014. Simply put, Altuve is already one of the best second baseman in baseball, and he’s only 24. His rise to the top could very well continue in the 2015 season, and frankly I expect it to happen eventually as such.


1. Robinson Cano – Seattle Mariners


2014 Season Stats:

.314 14 82 .382




Hitting: 92/100

Power: 85/100

Plate Discipline: 80/100

Baserunning: 60/100

Fielding: 85/100

Health: 85/100

Team Impact: 95/100


Award History:

World Series Champion (’09)

6x All Star (’06, ’10, ’11, ’12, ’13, ’14)

Home Run Derby Champion (’11)

5x Silver Slugger Award (’06, ’10, ’11, ’12, ’13)

2x Rawlings Gold Glove Award (’10, ’12)


Overall Ranking: 92/100

It was not that hard to put Cano at #1 in these rankings, considering his track record and immense all around ability. (Yet Altuve absolutely challenged him for the #1 spot overall) Cano is the leader of a young and rising Mariners team, and coming off the first year of his mega-deal with the Mariners (10 Year-$240 Mil) he is just going to continue to play well and great overall. Cano’s status as the best 2nd baseman may not stay for long, as there are young rising stars like Altuve coming up as a collective whole, yet he absolutely retains his legitimacy as the best second baseman.

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