MLB: Top 3 Players at Each Position


Center Fielders 

3. Adam Jones – Baltimore Orioles



2014 Season Stats:

.281 29 96 .311




Hitting: 85/100

Power: 88/100

Plate Discipline: 55/100

Baserunning: 65/100

Fielding: 95/100

Health: 90/100

Team Impact: 98/100


Award History:

4x All Star (’09, ’12, ’13, ’14)

4x Gold Glove Award (’09, ’12, ’13, ’14)

Silver Slugger Award (’13)


Overall Ranking:

Adam Jones again has proven to be one of the best Outfielders, as well as players in the MLB in 2014. He put up excellent stats once again, and continues to be an excellent defensive Center Fielder. He is the rock that holds the Orioles together, and will likely continue being a top Center Fielder, despite many great young up and coming players in the game today. Jones shines when the Orioles need him most, and that will be no different in 2015 overall.


2. Andrew McCutchen – Pittsburgh Pirates


2014 Season Stats:

.314 25 83 .410




Hitting: 88/100

Power: 85/100

Plate Discipline: 80/100

Baserunning: 80/100

Fielding: 90/100

Health: 95/100

Team Impact: 95/100


Award History:

4x All Star (’11, ’12, ’13, ’14)

NL MVP (’13)

Gold Glove Award (’12)

3x Silver Slugger Award (’12, ’13, ’14)


Overall Ranking: 94/100

Andrew McCutchen without any doubt is one of the best Centerfielders, as well as players in baseball as a whole. He had another dominant all around year in 2014 and will absolutely look to have another as he seeks to lead his Pirates to an NL Central title. He is an excellent defensive player and has an excellent bat. He is a dominant True-5 Tool player. McCutchen is an excellent all around player who continues his top level play year to year. Expect him to again have an all around great season for the Pirates collectively.



1. Mike Trout – Los Angeles Angels


2014 Season Stats:

.287 36 111 .377




Hitting: 90/100

Power: 90/100

Plate Discipline: 80/100

Baserunning: 90/100

Fielding: 95/100

Health: 95/100

Team Impact:98/100


Award History: 

AL MVP (’14)

3x All Star (’12, ’13, ’14)

AL Rookie of the Year (’12)

3x Silver Slugger Award (’12, ’13, ’14)

AL Hank Aaron Award (’14)

AL RBI Champion (’14)

AL Stolen Bases Champion (’12)

AL Outstanding Player (’14)


Overall Ranking: 98/100

Mike Trout is arguably the best all-around player in the game today. Fresh off finally winning his first AL MVP award, he looks to again continue his dominance in 2015 overall. Trout’s numbers aren’t truly a reflection of how dominant he is overall. He is a superb defender, an excellent baserunner, and constantly shows his true dominant 5-Tool Ability overall. Trout should and is the front-runner already for the 2015 AL MVP award as he should very well expect to have yet another dominant season.

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